Managing Transitions


Struggling with change is normal. Whether it is welcomed, unexpected, or simply part of life’s process it can still create fear and uncertainty. Our work together will help you cope with mixed feelings, empower you to make healthy choices, and manage important relationships so that you can move forward successfully.

I provide support at key points of change to help ease stress, cope with fear, and manage anxiety. My goal is to help you reconstruct a valued self-identity during life transition and adapt to the resulting changes of these challenging times.

My expertise includes helping clients during these life transitions:

  • Change in health status
  • Recovery from addiction
  • Coping with the experience of ageing and age-related change
  • Young persons transitioning into adulthood
  • Adolescents with health conditions transferring to adult care
  • Transition from hospital to home
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Birth of a child
  • Becoming a parent or grandparent
  • Letting go of unhealthy and/or destructive lifestyle patterns
  • Career or job change
  • Moving

Understanding the diversity of both individual and cultural needs, I am sensitive to differences of opinions, values, and attitudes of all cultures and people. I respect and honor these differences and seek ways to serve you in authentically expressing yourself.

Suggestions and strategies for success in managing transitions:

  • Allow time for transition and be patient and generous with yourself
  • Reach out to others — individuals or groups —  who have faced similar changes
  • Inform yourself and become actively involved in your care
  • Acknowledge your unique situation and individuality — there is no “one size fits all” solution
  • Make connections with others in meaningful ways — share stories, volunteer, take an exercise/dance class, or explore spiritual interests with others