Yoga for Trauma Recovery

With the proper trauma-sensitive approach, yoga can greatly benefit trauma survivors and yield positive results in reducing depression, anxiety, stress, and symptoms of PTSD. In a safe, supportive environment, this small group yoga class is tailored to the specific needs of trauma survivors and explores ways to make a deeper, healing connection to the body. As a psychotherapist and yoga therapist, I emphasize choice, non-judgment,  and comfort in my teaching approach. Focus is placed on protecting the physical and emotional safety of each participant. Come learn to experience a more positive relationship to your body in a welcoming space. Pre-registration required.

Facilitator: Maura Waltrip, MA, PT, LPCC and Yoga Therapist

Dates: Wednesday evenings September 5 – October 10

Time:  Evenings 6:00 – 7:15 p.m.

Location:  Lafayette, CO

Cost: $140/ series of 6 classes

Registration/Information: Space is limited and pre-registration required. Please call  Maura at (720)507-5654 for more details or email


Building Strength and Resilience

When faced with obstacles and stress, do you see an opportunity to learn and grow or do you collapse? Come learn ways to build resilience so that you can more easily bounce back and succeed, despite serious challenges in life. Covering the latest research on resilience, we will incorporate experiential exercises for practice in daily life and enjoy community – a key factor in resilience!

Date: Saturday September 29

Time: 1:00 -3:00 pm

Cost: Donations to People House welcome/ Heart of Service

Location: People House/ 3035 W. 25th Ave. Denver, CO 80211

Registration/ Information: Maura Waltrip, MA, PT, LPCC (720)507-5654 or