Anxious. Confused. Exhausted.

You would like to feel healthy and whole, without racing thoughts, self-doubt, and pain. Whether it feels mental, physical, emotional or spiritual – you know that you need help teasing out the parts of your struggle.

It is time to make a start.

Maura is a seasoned therapist who brings an extraordinary depth to her work. Her skillful listening and compassion have helped me work through limitations and discover my strengths. It is always a special gift to work with her and receive her insights and expertise.

— Lynn S.

I came to see Maura at a low point in my life. She helped me understand the relationship of my body to my emotions and some of the struggles I was experiencing. We worked with different methods to help me feel more calm, less anxious, and better able to face my issues head on. She has been an invaluable support on my path to healing.

— Cassie W.